Method of administration and dosage

EnteroZOO® is an enterosorbent in the form of a colorless gel, it is odorless and tasteless (without added favors), so animals usually consume it without any problems, which is a great advantage of the product. The gel is completely safe even during pregnancy and lactation, and can be used for puppies from birth. In addition, it is very easy to apply.

We know 3 ways to apply:

  • 1: Apply directly to the oral cavity (by plastic syringe).
  • 2: Mix into food, feed, a treat.
  • 3: Mix into a small amount of drinking water (or dosed with a feed pump).

Warning: EnteroZOO® must not freeze, as low temperatures destroy its structure.

User experience

At home we have a long-haired cat that my daughter got from a friend 5 years ago. She has a lot of hair and although we comb it regularly several times a week, she often vomited lumps of thick hair (which she obviously swallows when she washes fur - most obviously in late winter when she changes her hair). We bought her catnip, she loved to eat it, but she didn’t stop vomiting. We saw an ad for EnteroZoo® in a magazine and bought it from a vet, because we had tried several other preparations before - we were quite uncomfortable vomiting (stains on the couch, bed ...). We noticed a big difference in 10 days. She has completely stopped vomiting and now she is not vomiting either. really, very rarely. It is not entirely clear to me how EnteroZoo® works in this case, but I think it prevents the formation of hair, and helps to excrete it together with the feces. It works great with us and this is the most important thing to me, the cat is our pet and we all love it very much. The gel is mixed into food and given three times a day during hair changes, otherwise it is given twice a week throughout the year.



I work with the Wild and Abandoned Cat Relief Society and so often have “temporary” animals at home to take care of until they find a new home. Unfortunately, I have already encountered feline disease several times - microsporidia, fortunately I have not yet fallen ill. Occasionally, domestic cat owners turn to us because they are afraid (especially of children) and do not want to treat their cats - in exceptional cases, I have come to the aid of such cats. I bathe the kittens for 3 days with a special shampoo that is poisonous. Several times (especially with puppies) someone happened to die - despite my caring care and worry about not licking. Since I read that EnteroZoo® also binds toxins, we in the company agreed to test it. At EnteroZoo® they kindly gave us test tubes. Because EnteroZoo® was given to cats three times a day during treatment (bathing), no puppies died. EnteroZoo® also works great for intestinal problems. Kittens often come malnourished and due to poor food, their digestion is not very good, they often vomit and have diarrhoea. We start applying this gel right away and mostly cats heal quickly. I also like that there is no problem with dosing because they like to eat it. From my side, huge recommendation for the product, and thanks to the EnteroZoo® team for listening to us at the beginning and helping with the problem.

Cat volunteer


My kitten Miško often had completely runny stools (diarrhoea). Because of that, we went to the vet several times because of that, where after suspicion they suspected that the food did not suit him. Despite repeated changes (we ended up on a special diet), his digestion was still very sensitive, if he ate anything but diet, the diarrhoea was there again. I started adding EnteroZoo to my food. He works great and Miško loves him very much. Recommend!

Mucek Miško


I would like to praise and thank you for your product, EnteroZOO®, because it "saved" our vacation this year! We spent our vacation on Island Hvar (Croatia) with our puppy Lona in July. Lon loves to swim. At home we drive it to a nearby river, which is of course freshwater. He brings us toys, jumps, goes crazy. Of course, he also drinks a little water, especially when he carries toys and splashes on the surface of the water ... and so it was at sea. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well in salt water. Although we were careful not to drink all the time, he got severe diarrhoea from the first night. We only had charcoal with us, which we applied immediately, but unfortunately it had no effect. We were worried, he didn't want to eat anything in the morning, he drank some water, but he vomited everything. We did not find a vet on Hvar and we were desperate. We accidentally mentioned the family thing from the next apartment (they also had puppies with them, but we asked them for advice. You know, more heads, knows more) and they gave us EnteroZOO® gel. We didn’t know it yet, but following their instructions and experience, we decided to give it a try. Lon really wasn’t feeling well and we were worried he would dehydrate if we didn’t take action. We first gave him 2 full tablespoons of EnteroZOO® in his oral cavity and later he slid another one each time. In the evening the stool thickened a little and he became interested in food again, but the next morning the stool was almost normal. It’s hard for me to describe to you how we took a break. You know, our puppies mean a lot to us and we already thought we were going to have to go home. We really recommend the gel and from now on it will always be in our home pharmacy! He saved our vacation. Thank you!

Kaja and her Lon


We own a German Shepherd and this year we got puppies for the first time. What joy and happiness!!! She gave birth to 7 puppies and they grew up nicely. Mom had enough milk, and we made sure they were clean, and that mom had enough food and peace. We caressed them a lot, and the daughter barely moved away from them. We also weighed them every day to see if they were gaining weight well. Everything was great. However, around the 22nd day of age we experienced a cold shower. In the morning, one of the cubs was all calm and pooped white-yellow water. We had just started canning them and at first, we thought that was the reason. But gradually, one by one, they all started having diarrhoea. Some were limp even then, without energy and no longer wanted to drink. It was clear to us then that we most likely brought the virus into our corner, maybe even some of the visitors (then we had the first visit of the family, the future owners of our puppies). We took the puppies to the vet. There they were examined, given an infusion into the stomach via the EnteroZOO® tube. For the home, we were instructed to give EnteroZOO® after a syringe every 3-4 hours. Some puppies were much livelier the same day, while others took a little longer. But in 2 days the diarrhoea was gone in everyone, and we were finally relieved. The puppies have grown into beautiful representatives and after 8 weeks we took them to new homes.

Thank you EnteroZOO®, our recommendation no. 1!

Tamara with family and dog mom Rina


We live in Dolenjska and have our own vineyard. Our Maltese ate grapes. We didn’t know grapes were poisonous to dogs, so we didn’t stop her from doing so. After a few hours she started vomiting and became calm. She was shaking. The wife wanted to take her for a walk, but she didn't want too either. When we offered her food, she turned around. We immediately rushed to the vet. When we told him what had happened, we only realized that the situation could be very serious. In the end, she only vomited white-yellow foam at home, so the vet didn't decide to wash her stomach (she had already vomited everything). He immediately put EnteroZOO® in her mouth, they took her blood (we wanted to check what was wrong with her kidneys) and she stayed in the infirmary on an infusion until the evening. When we came looking for her, she was already a little better, but still weak. She also received an anti-vomiting injection, and we took home EnteroZOO® which we gave 3 times overnight and in the morning. The next day our puppy was already quite lively. The gel was given 3 times a day for a few more days until the tube was used up. After 10 days, we went for another preventive blood test that showed no kidney damage. We were the happiest dog owners in the world. Our Nelly, however, now has a strict ban on approaching the vine.

Rudy and Nelly



I just wanted to tell you about my experience with Enterozoo. I have a dog that has had skin problems for many years and we went to the vet a lot before we were able to calm things down to a greater extent. We also performed tests that showed sensitivity to multiple species of grasses and trees. Fortunately, there are no problems throughout the year, especially in the spring, when the grass is in bloom. Then every year we fight to get rid of itching, redness, scratches, wounds ... he has to take antibiotics from time to time. We are careful with food (he has diet food) and bathe him with a special shampoo on the 2nd day and it helps him a lot. But there is still a problem sometime between May and June. This year I saw an ad for EnteroZOO in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I knew we had nothing to lose because I really tried everything and I also read that the gel has no side effects. In April I started giving the gel 3 times a day and gave until August. I can't believe it. This season our puppy has a lot less problems than ever before. He never needed antibiotics, even the itching was bearable. I am very happy and I wanted to share this experience with others.

Thank you!

Jerica and Koli


I first encountered EnteroZOO® gel with severe diarrhoea and vomiting in a then 2-year-old male. He started vomiting in the evening and had very severe diarrhoea. He did not want to eat, the vet suggested that if he did not feel better by morning, I would take him to the clinic immediately in the morning. A stormy night ensued, we never got up at night to go to need. In the morning I immediately took him to the clinic where he also received an infusion immediately because he is smaller and eats poorly. The virus appeared, and he was given EnteroZOO® gel to help him recover. He recovered soon! Since then, I have always had the gel in reserve and it has come in handy many times. Whenever diarrhoea occurs, I put the gel in the muzzle and mostly the situation calms down after just two takes. Since we are also breeders, we always suggest to the new owners to get the gel preventively and we only get positive opinions from them after they try it. It also came in handy for puppies after giving birth, because when washing puppies sometimes causes digestive problems. It is also welcome at sea. During the bath, the male, despite caution, drank sea water and later, of course, diarrhoea occurred. Since I always have the gel with me, I immediately gave it to him and soon everything was ok. I think that EnteroZOO® is a necessary product in every home dog pharmacy, it will help speed up recovery from digestive problems, heal wounds, possible poisoning ... With us, the gel will always be in stock and in hand luggage wherever I go with the dogs. I am overjoyed to have come across the product and would definitely recommend it.



I found my cat on a construction site in the middle of the centre of Ljubljana. Since the cat felt sorry for me, I immediately took her home. She was malnourished and dirty, briefly discarded. And she got scared. From the beginning, I noticed that with certain foods, it erupts all the contents soon after ingestion. Over time, it has been shown that she probably has a sensitive stomach due to improper food in the past. The vet examined her and we eliminated her internal parasites. For me, despite all the difficulties, she quickly gained weight and became part of the family. The vomiting, however, did not stop. She still showed up every time she ate too much in one meal or after eating briquettes. At first, I thought it was because of overeating. But vomiting, despite measures taken on the advice of a veterinarian (small meals several times a day, wet food), did not stop. I decided to try something else. EnteroZoo® product introduced to me by my son-in-law. I bought it and decide for a longer cure. I put the gel in food three times a day. After only 3 days the cat no longer vomited. After only 14 days, I learned that she is more active, that she has not vomited and that nothing bothers her anymore. Cat feces also settled. After 2 months of taking the product, I stopped using it. 4-5 months after stopping taking the gel the cat did not vomit once. Then it started again and I repeated the one-month course of taking EnteroZoo® products. It really helps and I finally don’t have to clean up vomiting for my cat every day. Besides, I know she's healthy.

The mother of stray cats Zdenka



I have two kittens aged 8 and 13 at home. Three weeks ago, an elderly cat contracted a bacterial intestinal infection. She was treated by a veterinarian with an infusion and antibiotics, but a younger cat (diarrhoea with blood), who has had digestive problems for two years, also began to show signs of illness. The vet prescribed her antibiotics, but I started looking for other solutions online because antibiotic therapy only helps for a few months. I discovered EnteroZOO®, read all the opinions and experiences of veterinarians and users and bought it. After the first dose, my cat's stool was exactly as it should be in a healthy animal. Now both cats get one dose of gel a day for prevention and theirs is fine.

Thanks, EnteroZOO®!

Simona Kapun, Maribor


EnteroZOO® is saving us from chronic gastrointestinal problems and I have it in stock regularly!

My Bruni is 13 years old and has had digestive problems since the age of three, although I have always cooked for him. What I didn't try ... chicken, rabbit, fish, duck, horse ... I don't remember anymore. At the vet non-stop! And their comments ... but he's sensitive ... And he has diarrhoea and vomits at least twice a month. He started taking Tylan antibiotic three years ago and is still taking it. However, with the addition of Linex (probiotics), the problems did not stop. Not a week went by without problems and then one acquaintance gave me 3 sachets of EnteroZoo®. The effect is phenomenal! Everything is fine the next day. And then I started buying and using it. It's really expensive, but it pays off for me. You don't have to go to the vet right away and its good right away. Some time ago he had a crisis and I cured him with two and a half tubes, but I did. That is why I am really grateful to you.

I wish you all the best.

Nada Žnidaršič and Bruni, Ljubljana


This year our new member became Shih-tzu Jacky. Since he occasionally had diarrhoea that lasted for about a week, we visited the vet. The problem supposed to be nutrition and stress (we just got a puppy). So, we immediately changed nutrition, and opted for EnteroZoo® as well.

Already after the day of taking it was much better, diarrhoea was less frequent, the stool was no longer so runny, and it disappeared in 3 days. Now we immediately give him EnteroZoo® if we notice any changes in excretion, and sometimes quite preventively. Proven to help, and Jacky is still happy to eat it, nor do we mix it in food or water, which is great. I sincerely recommend!

Eva Zupančič, Ljubljana


I own three puppies, two crossbreeds we rescued from the road, a dwarf poodle and two kittens. Rescued puppies are older and often have problems with digestion and vomiting (veterinarians can’t find the real reason for this because other results are perfectly fine), one also has problems with allergies and itchy skin. I first heard about EnteroZoo gel at the vet, when I returned the puppy in care for vomiting. Then I decided to give it a try and was very surprised because the vomiting and diarrhoea stopped the next day after the first double dose. After reading what the gel can be used for, I started giving it to other twos and kittens as soon as I noticed a problem. To strengthen their immune system and improve the well-being of all my animals, I occasionally give the gel in two doses a day, for 14 consecutive days. I always dose the gel directly into the muzzle with a plastic syringe. And the results are amazing! I warmly recommend it to all of you who have pets, with us EnteroZoo is always in our home pharmacy (in addition to painkillers) and always in first aid when we are traveling. Many times, I have been a “saviour” with my acquaintances with the gel when their pets had problems (vomiting, diarrhoea, allergies, indigestion) because it really works. When I see that I have run out, I order it directly on the EnteroZoo website, at first, I ordered it in a tube, but now in a jar, because I have had it for a long time. Thank you for your kindness and all the advice you have given me ... and I greet you warmly,

Barbara with Lory, Lajka, Mišo, Lola and Ana :) from Maribor

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